Chicken from Bresse

Poultry from Bresse

The Poultry of Bresse, a favorite of lovers of good food and the most renowned chefs, is present on all the good tables of the greedy France.

Poultry from Bresse is recognizable by its red-white-and-blue colors and its fine taste, she will seduce you in all circumstances!

You can enjoy in beautiful gourmet restaurants at 2 steps of the apartment Nathalie, with views of the Royal Monastery of Brou.

4 poultry of Bresse, to discover, to enjoy

4 poultry of Bresse have their marks of nobility.

The chicken of Bresse, the best-known. Firm and tasty. From the breed white Gallic of Bresse. Once we the tasted, we want to do it again!

La Poularde de Bresse, plumper but just as tasty as the Bresse chicken. Tender and juicy meat to thin and Pearly skin. The Poularde de Bresse is to discover!

The Turkey of Bresse, or Black Pearl of Bresse, is a delicacy for large party tables! High bressanes Prairie and got the AOC in 1976.

The Chapon de Bresse, simply delicious! It grows and beautifies 8 months in the greenery of the meadows and it was during this time that he acquires his flesh fudge.